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Telecom Efficiency Review

Telecom Efficiency Review

Our expert independent analysts will conduct a detailed review of all your telecommunications costs and services. They will ensure your existing services are maintained or improved; your infrastructure will never be compromised by low quality, unreliable providers.

Our remit is simple; reduce your telecommunications costs quickly and efficiently while preserving a professional and effective service. Our team of independent analysts will undertake a thorough Telecoms Efficiency Review (TER) of all your expenditure, encompassing invoice auditing, analysis of the various telecom services and an assessment of new developments and improvements to enhance your service.

We cover all aspects of you telecoms service including fixed line rental, call charges, broadband, ISDN, LAN/WAN etc. Broadband is now much cheaper and dramatic saving can be made particularly against private circuits or leased lines. We also cover mobiles tariffs and can often make substantial additional savings if you have a multitude of diverse handsets and different service providers. The maintenance of your telephone system is an often ignored area for savings and improvement that is missed by many organisations. We can reduce this cost and get a better, faster service.

Ask yourself some questions:

  • How many fixed lines do you have and are they all being used?
  • What do you spend on mobiles communications?
  • What do you spend on your fixed line calls and where are the largest costs?
  • Have you achieved cost savings recently?
  • Have you considered the potential savings from using new technology?
  • Are you meeting your legal cost obligations, for example declaring VAT for staff personal calls made from mobiles?
  • Are you managing the volume of mobile and landline calls?

Did we mention it’s FREE?
Receive a FREE, no-obligation cost savings analysis to determine the potential for fixed and mobile communications savings in your enterprise. Take the first step towards reducing your enterprise communications costs!