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Security Risk – Red Team

Testing Your Preparedness

Red team exercises are a sophisticated approach to test security protocols & awareness and ultimately to address security requirements. Risks are evaluated and potential threats are modelled.

Voice Concepts can deliver an advanced capability to mimic real world attack scenarios, without the actual risk of being targets of such attacks. A converged approach simulates:BLUETEAM Real Physical attacks on company facilities and employees.  Both may be used as a conduit to obtain further access into networks, or manipulated into disclosing sensitive data. Testing the security awareness of employees who might discloses personal information to fictitious forms, respond to fraudulent e-mails or download malicious files.

Cyber-attacks on internet-facing assets such as external networks and vulnerable web applications may be exploited by an attacker to disclose its entire backend database to a web server. Cyber-attacks on intranet-facing assets e.g. internal and wireless networks can reveal high severity vulnerabilities. The approach flags up bad practices within environments particularly those that constitute exploitable vulnerabilities.

Exercising Your Response

Red teaming is not just about security. It is about resilience and how your organisation responds to realistic simulated incidents & emergencies. How it enacts & adapts business continuity plans. How appropriate your contingency plans are and under which conditions they are more likely to fail.

Red teaming will invariably identify multiple points of failure whether technical, human, or procedural. It will check your situational awareness, your ability to anticipate the development of multi-stage crises and give a broad base for evaluation of the organisation’s effectiveness in response, incorporating monitoring, mentoring and debriefs.

All intended to provide

Short-term tactical fixes for immediate remediation of any outstanding vulnerabilities within the tested environments.

Long-term strategic measures that will proactively thwart any potential repetition of vulnerabilities discovered during testing.

A robust set of conclusions including industry best practice, recommendations based on real-world scenarios plus tangible evidence of performance.

Prompt engagement in program of remediation efforts and continued security assessment to ensure a consistent and ongoing security risk monitoring and security posture reinforcement. See BLUE TEAM SERVICES


Red Team Services Incorporate:

  • Gathering open source intelligence on key employees and leveraging this knowledge to subvert employees.
  • Compromise of employees who may be coerced to obtain further access into networks or manipulated into disclosing sensitive data.
  • Ethical Spear Phishing.
  • Physically infiltrate facilities and gain access to internal devices and networks.
  • Deliver custom malware on physical devices to employees.
  • Provide an assessment of overall physical security countermeasures. From guard behavior and adherence to protocol, to enumerating security cameras and assessing their coverage.
  • Identify response process, speed and effectiveness to a breach incident
  • APT simulation and customer Malware Insertion.