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Security Risk – Blue Team

Building Your Resilience

The cyber threat to industry continues to rise in line with the increasing dependence & interconnectivity of systems. As company operations have become totally reliant on ICT technologies, the nature & complexity of threats has evolved aggressively aBLUETEAMnd all sectors are increasingly vulnerable.

The heightened level of cyber threat should drive your focus on the types of vulnerability inherent to IT and operating systems, as well as regular converged risk assessments, specifically to build greater resilience.

Increasing emphasis should be placed on mitigating higher probability risks. The ability to react rapidly and enact contingency plans effectively has amplified the importance of business continuity planning. This goes some way towards building a base level of preparedness & resilience within organisations. Voice Concept’s Blue Team services can raise your security & resilience in the face of increasingly sophisticated threats.

Advanced and persistent cyber attacks can perpetrate damage that was not previously considered in the realm of information assurance or network security. Hence, current resilience concepts do not sufficiently address the high impact of advanced threats to information assets from cyber criminals.

Reinforcing your Security

Our Blue team services provide the range of support you require to anticipate & mitigate converged threats and the range of security risks to your organisation from determined adversaries, criminals, or terrorism.

Designed to maintain & supplement the effectiveness of your physical and IT security capabilities, develop preparedness for a broad range of scenarios and provide appropriate response & recovery capacity, Voice Concepts provides a truly unique range of cyber & physical consulting services.

All intended to provide

Ensure effective policy & processes appropriate to task aligned with best practices and the adoption of security measures & application of controls.

  • Greater security awareness and risk management built upon a structured scenario and risk register process.
  • Advanced on-demand capabilities that minimise the impact of security incidents and enable the rapid return to fully effective operating services.
  • Integrated security, business continuity and crisis response planning for converged risks. All based on our unique understanding of the current and future threats your organisation faces.


Blue Team Services Incorporate

• Foreign Travel Threat Awareness Training
• Security Risk and Counter-espionage Awareness
• Risk Intelligence & Analyses
• Threat Modelling
• Risk Scenario-Building Workshops
• Quantitative Risk Analysis see our FAIR methodology
• Digital Footprint and Social Media Sweeping
• Reverse Engineering
• Applications and Infrastructure Design Review
• Secure Development Lifecycle
• DDoS Mitigation
• Advanced Cyber Defence
• Reputational Risk Crisis