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Installation and Global Fulfillment

Installation and Global Fulfillment

What We Do

Since our formation over 12 years ago, Voice Concepts has been a trusted partner for Voice and Data solutions to many of the top Global Systems Integrators, helping them reduce costs, provide superior service and to simplify how they support their client base across the world.

Our work on behalf of partners has taken us from Cape Town to Moscow, Paris to Stockholm, Beijing to Rio de Janeiro and just sometimes we get to work a little closer to home.



We support all industry leading brands of phone systems including; Avaya, Cisco, Mitel, NEC, Panasonic, LG, Samsung, Toshiba and many of the less well known systems too.



We are able to provide in country solutions that include the sourcing of equipment, installation and maintenance.

  • 24 X 7 multilingual UK based support service  with worldwide coverage
  • Remote monitoring and service resolution
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Regular efficiency updates
  • Site Surveys



Take a look at the following table (download pdf here) and see the where VC operates around the Globe. The list grows as new opportunities are identified. If you don’t see a country listed and you need a service there, contact VC and we will do all we can to help you.


Moves, Adds and Changes (MAC’S)

Today’s businesses need to be adaptable and dynamic so it’s important you have a partner who can support your business quickly and without fuss. Change is inevitable in business and we can help with your evolving needs. Voice Concepts is your one source specialist for all of your MAC’s and any repair work. Our technicians can provide a range of services from simply providing an additional handset to moving your whole system to a new site.

We can also help with

  • training,
  • voicemail support
  •  call recording malfunctions
  •  technical advice

We can provide a fixed price for the work omitting any surprises. All our technicians are smart, professional and will leave your premises neat and tidy.

We can install your complete Voice and Data Infrastructure.  Our highly skilled technicians can be deployed to any of your sites worldwide to install, move or upgrade any part of your voice and data network. Our professional and friendly project managers will ensure all work, equipment and training is delivered on time, within budget and exceeds all your expectations.


No downtime and a smooth transition

Our end-to-end service allows you to focus on what you do best; with little to no worry about the changes, leaving you to concentrate your resources on your business. No downtime, no interruption and no worry. We have the experience, knowledge and ability to design, manage and implement the changes however complex the challenges.



Structured cabling creates the physical platform to transfer voice and data between different locations and should be the basis for all networks within a building. It provides easy management and key functionality for data, voice, multimedia and applications.

All of your business communications rely on the structured cabling installation. A badly designed and installed system will cause many issues including downtime, network headaches and can affect the integrity of your data.

Structured data cabling involves the installation of cables in a predetermined, methodical pattern to serve a specific function. Usually, this will involve Voice, Ethernet and Internet connectivity. It allows the set up of local area networks and wide area networks effectively.

The design and installation of a structured cable network is complex for several reasons:

  • The number of cables and connections involved
  • Differing connectivity across the network
  • The array of applications and their capacity needs

Structured cabling can replace multiple traditional cabling systems with a single, unified infrastructure carrying a multitude of formats including voice and data as well as emerging technology such as IP video.

It can prove to be highly cost effective due to its longevity and with a correctly planned system so any moves, adds and changes can be performed quickly and efficiently at almost no cost.


Document Your Cabling?

Your network is one of your company’s most valuable assets. It’s the central system of your organisation and it’s growing along with your network management problems. Your challenge is to harness the power of exploding technology and make it work for you. Every minute spent tracking data, reconfiguring or searching for the source of a problem means loss of time, productivity and ultimately profit. Cable documentation can help maintain the integrity of the network by tracking the continuity through equipment, patch cords, cross-connects, connectors, cables, and outlets. It encompasses the design and maintenance of the cable. Cable documentation can be an ally against the ravages of system downtime, giving you the power to configure your cable so you have fewer network problems. Cable documentation can:

  • Reduce the time it takes to modify the original installation.
  • Minimize network downtime.
  • Increase the life of cabling.
  • Reduces the number of technicians needed to handle problems