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Cyber Intelligence


Our team of highly qualified experts

We are a leading consulting and services company, specialising in cyber defence and intelligence. Our expert team has a wide range of experience from all areas of the cyber domain, including cyber law enforcement and cybercrime, cyber military and terror, cyber intelligence, high-level hacking and physical electronics defence bridging the cyber and physical domains

Superior capabilities with unmatched industry expertise

We have implemented cyber strategy for a wide range of military, government and commercial organisations ‒ from banking and insurance companies to large international telecom and Internet service companies. Our highly qualified leadership team maintains a hands-on approach to the business, utilising their decades of experience to secure customers’ enterprises in cyberspace

 We specialize in 5 major lines of service:

  • Automated and proactive cyber intelligence: gathering, processing and analysing intelligence in the cyber domain
  • Penetration testing: simulating network attacks to test security
  • Advanced persistent threat: advanced hacking and pinpointing cyber security checkups
  • A cyber forensics and response team: providing the ability to identify, contain and neutralise a cyber threat with the additional ability to analyse and investigate a specific event
  • Security audits and surveys: assisting organisations with various cyber-related challenges, from analysis and design to project management and process implementation

Unique Technology

The Cyber Intelligence service is based on uniquely developed technology that seeks to optimise the ongoing intelligence gathering of data. Its purpose being to create an effective and reliable intelligence grid to identify intelligence leads and to allow Cyber intelligence specialists to identify those leads and report on any conclusions applicable for the organisation

The features of this technology are:

  •  24 hour automated collection
  • Extensive coverage of OSINT and Cyber HUMINT sources
  • Unique Intellectual Property – DUA (Digital Undercover Avatars). This technology allows the automated operation of digital “avatars” to infiltrate undercover groups
  • Process based Intelligence Lead Management system allowing for effective intelligence follow up and reporting

Resources and assets

One of the key parameters in Intelligence gathering, Physical or Cyber, is the range and quality of the “sources”

We have established a wide and unique base of assets within the Deep Web and the Darknet, in and around Cyber-crime forums, Cyber-hacking groups closed and private, Cyber-trade markets and various other dark and covert areas of the web.

These assets and sources are part of what enables such a unique approach to reach and acquire insight into valuable information. Along with unmatched abilities within the Darknet, developing assets and creating the appropriate reputation in the dark arena, is a long and demanding process that has taken CyberHat’s specialists over a decade to establish. Once in place and to maintain the reputation requires an ongoing effort

Cyber Intelligence Scope of Service

The scope of the cyber intelligence service is as detailed below:

Ongoing information collection:

  • Collecting information about the objective, senior management and other defined subjects, as they appear on the Web within the Deep Web and the Darknet
  • Uncovering specific references to the organisation’s relevant technologies – in terms of relevant exploits and known vulnerabilities
  • Identifying and alerting in advance preliminary attack intentions of anti- organisational groups or forums within the relevant business sector, relevant country or relevant intelligence group
  • Locating and identifying organisational assets being traded or sold within the Darknet
  • Collecting information about third party and subcontractors regarding vulnerabilities, threats, hacking and breaches within or around any defined subcontractor of interest
  • Locating and exposing malicious interests regarding the target and any of its points of interest (Various branches, public services, sponsored organisations and more)
  • Ongoing automated search for organisational assets exposed, such as employee’s emails, passwords, social media and more


  •  Perform a risk assessment based on all of  the above mentioned efforts combined with an intelligence analysis to assess near time and future forming risks
  • Analysis on any pre-defined subject of interest within the technology domain
  • Analysis and investigation regarding any located assets and sources



  •  A full and comprehensive report covering the objective and analysis that are deemed relevant to intelligence reports
  • Covering as detailed above, all relevant sectors, subsidiaries, branches and all other points of interest as defined by the client

Near real time alerts:

It is important to emphasize that our Cyber intelligence team works and scans the Web, Deep Web and Darknet, 24 hours a day, every day. Our team will, in addition to creating the reports, also alert in near real time regarding any critical data, threat or risk that we encounter in the process of our intelligence gathering

Annual service: A dedicated team of intelligence analysts will be assigned to specific pre-defined EEIs (Essential elements of information) this team will constantly develop new capabilities, provide new assets and sources and enhance the intelligence capabilities around the client’s specific sources and targets


Our team has carried out various cyber defence projects around the world from security and defence testing and training through intelligence and forensics and up to Turn Key Cyber projects on a national level.

We have been chosen to lead the cyber defence strategy and intelligence provider for banks, governments, industrial and commercial institutes worldwide. In effect, providing full monthly coverage and employing tactical investigative capabilities in the cyber intelligence domain.

We are currently providing annual cyber intelligence for a number of Telecom companies, including international companies rated amongst the largest, multi- million dollar companies. Supplying both organisational level intelligence for IT security and CISO and tactical intelligence for a fraud department.