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Headsets, IP Telephony, and System Phones

Telephone Headsets, IP Telephony and System Phone Products

Voice Concepts are well placed to aid your search for the best possible headset solutions for your business. Whether you are a home worker or an IT Director for a major contact centre we are geared to engaging with to ensure that the best possible headsets are proposed to meet you specific business requirements.

Selecting the right headsets for your business has never been more critical as businesses look to embrace a collaboration of technologies, principally Voice, Data and Video. Unified Communications is driving the need to acquire quality headsets that are fit for purpose. We are able to facilitate trials of various headsets models to ensure that you have full confidence in your purchase.

We are Channel Partners with leading headset manufacturers including Jabra & Plantronics and we now carry Agent headsets that offer high levels of quality at brand beating prices.

We provide the following types of headsets:

  • Corded
  • Wireless
  • Unified Communication
  • Bluetooth
  • USB for PC/Skype/VoIP

Our headsets provide the latest levels of technology and are suited for all business environments. So whether the need is to work in a noisy call centre or a small quiet office we have the right solution. We supply headsets to business within both the private and public sector including Emergency Service contact centres, NHS, Finance, Media and a host of small, medium and large enterprises.

Jabra Products

  • Jabra Motion UC
  • Jabra Pro 920
  • Jabra Pro 930
  • Jabra GN2000 Series
  • Jabra Biz 2400

Plantronics Products

  • Plantronics Blackwire 500
  • Plantronics Blackwire 700
  • Plantronics Calisto 620
  • Plantronics Encore Pro
  • Plantronics Savi 700
  • Plantronics Supra Plus
  • Plantronics Voyager Legend UC

Agent Products

  • Agent 401
  • Agent 402
  • Agent 500
  • Agent 600
  • Agent 700
  • Agent 800

Interquartz Products

  • Voyager Standard Telephone Model No. 9281
  • Voyager Standard No Memories Telephone Model No. 9281N
  • Voyager Standard One Memory Telephone Model No. 9281O
  • Voyager Standard Three Memories Telephone Model No. 9281T
  • Voyager Standard Five Memories Telephone Model No. 9281F
  • Voyager Speakerphone Model No. 9283
  • Voyager Two Line Telephone Model No. 9285
  • Voyager Slimline Telephone Model No. 9826
  • Hotline Telephone Model No. 9826N
  • Programmable Telephone Model No. 9281P
  • Voyager Small Footprint Telephone Model No. 9825
  • Gemini Basic Telephone Model No. 9330
  • Gemini Speakerphone Model No. 9333
  • Gemini CLI Speakerphone Model No. 9335
  • IQ10 Business Telephone Model No. 9310
  • Programmable Telephone Model No. 9281P
  • Hotline Telephone Model No. 9826N

Yealink Products

  • T18PN Entry level Business Class IP Phone
  • T20PN
  • T38GN

Vulcan Products